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Player´s Scouting

Possibility to scout players out of football philosophy principles and sub-principles gives opportunity for overseeing and qualitative players describing. This module should help Club´s structure(Sport Directors, Head Scouts, Scouts) to work and scout out of same prospective but still keep own identity and independent opinion.

Team´s Scouting

Scouting/analysing Teams in all aspects of Game can help Coaches in all age groups to both prepare for next opponent and also identify clear aims for own Team in certain occasions.

Team Management

Big range of possibilities where both Home Team and Shadow Team options can provide management for all Teams in the Club, youth and Seniors, plus managing shadow Teams of players that are followed and approved on Club´s short list with details as, contract length and value, priority level and players info as well as all reports done by Club´s scouts. 

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We are two football enthusiasts with a natural desire to develop players, teams and football in all aspects. With more than 20 years in Scouting at top level and more than 10 years of coaching experience at professional level we believe that there are still a lot of aspects in individual development of the players as well as in Team´s development that can be enhance for the good of the Game.

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